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Get ready for a fun-filled day of bargain hunting, community bonding, and supporting our local school. Gather your family and friends, and join us for a day of excitement!

What's a Jumble Trail, you ask? It's a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the neighborhood to declutter, discover hidden gems, and raise funds for our beloved school. Participating households will set up stalls outside their homes, offering everything from pre-loved clothes and toys to unique crafts and homemade goodies. It's a treasure trove waiting to be explored!

  • Browse through a wide array of items, including clothing, books, household goods, toys, and more!

  • Meet your friendly neighbors and enjoy the vibrant community atmosphere.

  • All proceeds go towards supporting Moss Hall Schools. 

Don't miss out on the fun! Whether you're decluttering your home or searching for fantastic finds, mark your calendars and join us on 19th May at West Finchley. Together, let's make this Jumble Trail a smashing success for our school and our community!


Registration Fee: £5

Tip: Don’t have space for a stall? Team up with a neighbour! Email us on for any support on this :) 

A day of community fun and active recycling! Every year we have had over 40 stalls and hordes of visitors, some from afar, to follow the trail and search for hidden treasures! 

We raised
£4600 from our Jumble trails to date! 

This has gone towards:
1)  Books and ipads for our kids! 
2) A history curriculum mural which stretches from the Stone Age in 10,000BCE to the present

It's always been a fabulous day where the community comes together and sets up stalls in their front gardens and sell jumble or crafts, jam or plants... 

SPREAD THE MESSAGE: Tell your neighbours about it, share on your street WhatsApp and facebook groups. The more stalls in your area, the more people are likely to visit your stall.

💰💹🏫Funds raised this year will go towards play ground upgrades at the Infants and Juniors.

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Once you Register

Addresses of participating households will be updated on an online map!

A downloadable list of addresses will also be made available closer to the date.

This is a proposed map for the Jumble Trail. We will keep updating & share our online map as registrations come in.**

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 17.28.14.png

Have a good old spring clean and hopefully someone else will give your unwanted goods a new home.

How do I participate? 

Step 1: Sign up here for a stall online. Make sure you enter the address where your stall will be located. 


Step 2: Make your £5 donation for your stall here. Please contact us for other modes of payment ( 


Step 3: Get the family involved and have a clear out. Books, clothes, games and toys always go well!  

Step 4: On the event day, set up your wares outside your home on tables, crates and boxes with price tags. 

Step 5: Keep the proceeds from your sales or donate it to support our schools (Donate here).  

Most importantly, go around the Jumble trail, meet and get to know your neighbours and have fun! 


Things to Remember: 


  • Setting up and clearing up stalls is the responsibility of the stall holder. You will need a garden or outdoor area that you are allowed to use and is usable without obstruction to pedestrians.

  • Please follow current government guidelines for social distancing at the time of the event. 

  • The Jumble Trail will be held on the designated day RAIN OR SHINE.  

  • If we are forced to cancel the event due to changes in government guidelines, we will organise it at a later time. Please note that there will be no refunds. 

  • If selling any food or beverages please have allergen information available. No alcohol may be sold. 

  • The Jumble Trail is not just for the Moss Hall community. Residents from N12 and N3 postcodes around the school are encouraged to participate. So please spread the word to your neighbours.  Share our website, facebook page and tweets! Remember, stalls in clusters will attract more foot traffic than lone stalls.

  • We will keep updating our online map as registrations come in. 

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