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When: Sunday, May 22

Time:  10 am - 4 pm  

Our Jumble trail was organised as a local community event for the first time last year. It ended up being hugely successful for both Finchley residents and as a fundraiser for Moss Hall Schools.  Funds raised this year will go towards these projects at the Infants and Juniors. 

Let the children be sleuths!

Collect 10 letters from 10 stalls
Tip: Read the stall descriptions to match the clues to the stalls
And guess the word

Take your completed sheet to the cake stall at the car park in Moss Hall Nursery to collect your prize


Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 09.01.49.png

Time to clear out that garage and loft and find your unwanted possessions a new home! 

Remember, your trash may very well be someone else's treasure! 

How do I participate? 

Step 1: Sign up here for a stall online. Make sure you enter the address where your stall will be located. 


Step 2: Make your £5 donation for your stall here. Please contact us for other modes of payment ( 


Step 3: Get the family involved and have a clear out. Books, clothes, games and toys always go well!  

Step 4: On the event day, set up your wares outside your home on tables, crates and boxes with price tags. 

Step 5: Keep the proceeds from your sales or donate it to support our schools (Donate here).  

Most importantly, go around the Jumble trail, meet and get to know your neighbours and have fun! 


Things to Remember: 


  • Setting up and clearing up stalls is the responsibility of the stall holder. You will need a garden or outdoor area that you are allowed to use and is usable without obstruction to pedestrians.

  • Please follow current government guidelines for social distancing at the time of the event. 

  • The Jumble Trail will be held on the designated day RAIN OR SHINE.  

  • If we are forced to cancel the event due to changes in government guidelines, we will organise it at a later time. Please note that there will be no refunds. 

  • If selling any food or beverages please have allergen information available. No alcohol may be sold. 

  • The Jumble Trail is not just for the Moss Hall community. Residents from N12 and N3 postcodes around the school are encouraged to participate. So please spread the word to your neighbours.  Share our website, facebook page and tweets! Remember, stalls in clusters will attract more foot traffic than lone stalls.

  • We will keep updating our online map as registrations come in. 

Take a look at how it was last year:

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