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Thanks in advance! 

Dear Moss Hall Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our schools. Thank you to all our returning parents for all the support you have given us. It goes without saying that our achievements are just not possible without you. You will find answers to some most commonly asked questions here, but if you don't we are here to help!

We meet at least once every half-term (virtual at the moment - thank you Covid!) to plan our events but also organise social meets regularly. Everyone is welcome to our meetings! Get in touch to join us! Wishing everyone a wonderful school year!


Thank you,


Our next Event!


What is the MHSA?

The MHSA is the school PTA! (Parent Teacher Association) We are the combined parents’/carers'/teachers' association for both the infant and junior schools and recently the nursery. We are a registered charity established to promote and enhance the education of the children at Moss Hall Schools. Here is our full constitution. We have four Trustees (Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary) but every parent /carer of a child at Moss Hall Schools is automatically a member of the MHSA.

What do we do? 

Throughout the year, we organise many events which raise money for the schools – most years we raise approximately £25,000. We work closely with the school to establish fundraising goals and organise campaigns and events to achieve these goals. But in addition we also strive to bring together the school community and create a fun, inclusive and social place for all our families. 

Who are the members? 

You - if you are a parent or carer for a child at Moss Hall Juniors, Infants or Nursery! Thats right - you do not need to register to become a member. 


Who runs the MHSA/PTA?

We have a core committee consisting of four trustees and other elected committee members. The committee is elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) that happens in the first half of October every year. Check out the current committee members here!

Who are classreps? 


Classreps are volunteers who channel communications from both the school and the MHSA to the parents. We rely on them to help spread event information and to recruit volunteers for our events and also get valuable feedback from them. The reps have regular meetings with the school (more info here) providing valuable input from the parents, they may also arrange class social events, and organise a class Christmas and/or year-end present for their class teacher,  but these are not MHSA/PTA things.

I would like to help, but don't know how/cannot commit to becoming a committee member

You do not have to join the committee to contribute! Volunteer at bake sales, second hand uniform sales, help us with shopping for our bigger events like the fairs, give us a hand at the BBQ!  Watch this video if you are still unsure

How do you raise funds?

Every year we organise bigger events like the Summer fair, Winter fair and Fireworks evening. In addition we also organise smaller events like a Disco, Quiz nights, sponsored walks, bake sales, uniform sales, refreshment stalls at school events etc. Check out our previous events.

How is the money spent?

The money is awarded to the three schools in proportion to pupil count. The schools propose requirements for the coming year at the annual AGM held in October annually. The committee meets, discusses and agrees on the allocations. See how the previous years funds been used

How do I track your activities? Are you on social media?

Yes, we are on social media. We also have a corner in the weekly school newsletter (School Newsletters) but we rely mainly on our classreps to disseminate all our communications to you via the class whatsapp groups

We are on facebook -

Here is our Insta handle -

We do tweet now and then


We are looking for committee members all the time and would love to have you along – you’ll fit in because we’re just Mums and Dads, like you. If you have a special skill that’s great, but just as important is being able to give a bit of time to support our events and help the school.

Upcoming Events


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