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Stamptastic: label kids' clothes and raise money for our schools at the same time!

We all need to label our childrens' uniform so that it doesn't get lost. There are many solutions on the market and yet, a lot of parents struggle to find a good one. Stickers, ironing, writing pens - the list is endless.


This year we are partnering with Stamptastic - personalised name stamps - to raise money for our schools. A lot of Moss Hall parents love these stamps and can highly recommend them. They are easy to use and last for ages, so they are very good value for money!

This is what Stamptastic says about themselves:

"Stamptastic is the fastest way to name your kids belongings. Step away from the ironing board and put that needle and thread away. Stamp instead with Stamptastic. Stamptastic’s magic ink withholds 50 washes on care labels without fading. Customise your Personalised Name Stamps online."

You can If you order Stamptastic using our button below, we'll receive 15% of the amount you spent back to our bank account. This money will go to Moss Hall schools to fund activities and equipment for our kids. So it is a very good opportunity to buy a high quality product and raise funds at the same time.

In addition to it, use our discount code N31NR to get £4.99 off when you order the School Name Labels Deluxe Bundle. Happy labelling! 

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