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Parent Socials!!

At Moss Hall, we believe in fostering strong connections between parents, teachers, and staff. Our Parent Social Events, organized by the Moss Hall Schools Associalion (MHSA - PTA), provide a warm and inviting space for parents to come together, share experiences, and build lasting friendships. These events not only celebrate the diversity of our school community but also create opportunities for open communication between parents and educators. Whether it's a casual coffee morning, a themed mixer, or a collaborative volunteering initiative, our Parent Social Events aim to strengthen the bonds that make our school a supportive and engaging environment for both students and their families. Join us in building a network of support, understanding, and celebration within the Moss Hall School community!

Upcoming Events

Date: March 11,2024

Location: Moss Hall Juniors

Time: 6.45pm-9.00pm


Japanese Cooking Classes:

Join us for a culinary experience where you'll learn the Art of Crafting Rice Balls and Miso Soup



Coffee Morning

Jan 19th: Coffee Morning after school drop off and Uniform sale in the Infants Hall. All Welcome

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