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Our sponsors
Martyn Gerrard

Support our schools by choosing MG

Martyn Gerrard are our amazing sponsors and donate a fantastic amount to the MHSA each year.


  • They have been our Fireworks Sponsors to the tune of £2000 the last few years.

  • They supply all the printing and signage for the various MHSA run events.

  • They pay us £15 for every estate agent board our parents agree to dispay in front of their house. This usually amounts to £1500 a year if at least a 100 parents sign up, roughly about 4 parents per class

  • They donate upto 10% of the agent fee if MG are the sole agent when selling or renting a home. 

How can you help?

Part of our agreement with them is that parents display estate agent boards outside their home twice a year for a maximum duration of four weeks each time. The Martyn Gerrard boards say “Proud to support Moss Hall Schools” on them. We need homes to sign up to a sign, twice a year for 4 weeks (Jan and June).

Thinking of selling or renting your home? If MG are the sole agent they will donate upto 10% of the agent fee to the MHSA! (You need to tell them before your house is advertised with them)



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